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RC model: Jaguar MK8 Assembly guide

The Jaguar Mark VIII is a luxury four-door automobile introduced by the Jaguar company of Coventry at the 1956 London Motor Show. Or simply “The car in Hitchcock’s Vertigo movie.”

We simply needed it in our remote control car collection, so here it is!

Step 1: read the whole manual before construction

If you want to see another very detailed manual on the assembly, have a look here.

Step 2: Print the parts

STL files for 3D printing

● I used PLA filament for all pieces of the 3D model, but it’s up to you.  If you want to use ABS for easier post-processing, it will work.
● I recommend these settings: 0.2 mm layer and 20% infill. For bearings and caradans use 75% infill, 5% for the tires.

● If your 3D printer combines layers, take advantage of it. Alternatively, if you want a very detailed surface, print on a 0.1 mm

Step 3: post-processing

After gluing, the surface must be sprayed with car sealant and sanded down. Grind the joints. Spray the model with 2K filler, and grind the whole model again. Repeat the process with the spray filler until the model is completely smooth according to your requirements. Always allow the model to cure for 24 hours between applying another layer of the filler. This also applies when spraying the final paint. I recommend applying the spray paint to one layer or let the model rest for 48 hours.

Step 4: What you need and the assembly


  • Allen keys for M2 and M3 screws
  • pliers
  • scalpel
  • drill M2 and M3
  • hot glue gun


● bearings 10x15x4 – 10pcs
● springs inside dia 3,5mm (4mm) – 15mm long or more – according to the stiffness of the spring
● screws M3 x 10 mm – 30 pcs
● screws M3 x 16 mm – 20pcs
● screws M3 x 5 mm – 10pcs
● screws M2 x 10 mm – 20pcs
● screws M2 x 5 mm – 20pcs
● nuts M3 – 10pcs
● M3x8mm – 2x
● set crews M3 -6mm – 20pcs
● rod dia 3mm 18-18.5mm
● Servo JX servo 6221MG – 1x (or similar, power 8kg)
● Regulator -180 A max , 11,V /or any regular for 11V battery
● Engine 55T for rc models
● Battery Lipo 3Cells

●superglue, sand paper…

Where to get the RC parts? Eshops like this one.


Most parts are ment to be screwed with screwes, but some must be glued (mirrors, handles and similar accessories) and for that I used “Loctite supper attack” glue.

Any superglue will work. For the cabels – I recommend using a hot glue gun and sticking the cables to the floor of the model.


Good luck with your Jaguar mk8 RC car assembly! Happy printing!



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