Private Commissions

We do private commissions for individuals and companies with more than 10 years of experience with making models. We don't offer 3D printing services, because we specialize in creating digital 3D printable models. If you'd like us to make a model for you (STL, OBJ) just send a message through the contact form or via email.

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Open Commissions

Would you like us to model something that other people might be interested in as well? Send us a suggestion on our pre-order page and if 3 or more people pre-order it, we will start making it. Or we could start making it for you straight away and if you let us keep the data to offer to other people you can have it for half the price of what it would cost as a normal commission. That would still be more expensive than a normal purchase of something that we already have on our website, but you save a lot of money both ways.

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