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Sizing a 3D printable model for cosplay


All our 3D models are created on an average-sized body. It means that when you download some of our armor pieces or helmets, they may be slightly bigger or smaller depending on your body type. You can fix it quite easily! But firstly, let’s have a look at the measurement of the average body we use, so you know how large you can expect the STL files.

Now you know how large you can expect the files you’re downloading. If you need the 3D printed armor, helmet, or a prop to fit you better, here is how to scale it up or down.
TIP: Before printing the complete piece for your cosplay, you can slice off just a piece and try it on. This technique can save you a lot of material!

If you need to measure yourself precisely, you can 3D print and use our measurement caliper tool

You can read more about helmet sizing and post-processing here! 

Or download this PDF manual.

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