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RC model Tatra truck 8×8

Rc model Tatra truck 8×8 is seated with the Smerch rocket launcher. Why Smerch? It is the only rocket launcher suited for this model, since the model can launch fireworks rockets (still testing).

Smerch is on rotating platform powered by a servo. Bearing is printed along with the wheel as one part directly in the base – and it works well, all it takes is to spray this part with silicon and it wont stop moving. :D:D

Model has flex tires and is printed from 95 percent. The 95 percent are printed with 3D printer. You need only screw, bearing, and servo, and engine.


Print by separate parts, not everything at once.

You will need:

  • m3x10mm – 100 x
  • M3x16mm – 100x
  • M3x18mm – 50x
  • M3x20mm – 30x
  • M3x40mm – 10x
  • metric matrix M3 – 100x
  • nut M3x6mm set srew – 100x
  • bearing 15x10x4 – 40ks
  • Servo JX servo 6221MG – 1x
  • Servo JX servo PDI-6221MG- 360° (digital) 62g/20kg 1x
  • engine – 55 T (coil) :
  • Regulator 40Ap




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