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RC model LaSalle


A few words about the building …..
read the whole manual before construction
I leave the material to the customer’s choice i use PLA for all.

I recommend a layer of 0.2 mm, just 20% fill. For bearings use and caradans use min 75% infill.
For tires 5%
But if your printers combine layers, take advantage of it. Alternatively, if you want a very detailed surface, print on a 0.1 mm layer.


  • bearings 10x15x4 – 10pcs
  • springs inside dia 3,5mm (4mm) – 15mm long or more – according to the stiffness of the spring
  • screws M3 x 10 mm – 30 pcs
  • screws M3 x 16 mm – 10pcs
  • screws M3 x 14 mm – 10pcs
  • screws M2 x 10 mm – 20pcs
  • nuts M3 – 10pcs
  • set crews M3 -6mm – 20pcs
  • threaded rod dia 4mm 18-18.5mm and 20mm
  • Servo JX servo 6221MG – 1x (or similar, power 8kg)
    Regulator -180 A max , or regulat for RC car
  • Engine
  • or engine for slow
  • Battery Lipo 3Cells


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