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RC model Jaguar SS 100

jaguar ss 100

The Jaguar SS 100, or just the SS 100, first introduced itself in 1936 as a successor to the SS 90. It was produced until 1940, with its closest successor being the XK 120 from 1948. It was one of the first SS Cars Ltd, later renamed Jaguar Cars Limited.

Introducing the Jaguar ss 100 in 1/10 scale for RC remote control The model was created for FDM printing. This is another model from our series of historical models for RC The tires are designed for FDM printing using Flexi material, without the need for support. The model has a designed rear wheel suspension, a functional differential and also preparation for the headlights. This model has an electric motor with a metal gearbox in the description of parts, functional suspension of the rear wheels.

A few words about the building ….. 

  • read the whole manual before construction 
  • I leave the material to the customer’s choice i use PLA for all. 
  • I’ve found that if I recommend PETG, for example, not everyone can print it out nicely. ABS does not hold on another bed. 
  • The model is designed so that if you choose your favorite material it will print without any problems. I have already printed them  from PETG, ABS, PLA, CPE. 
  • Choose a material best for your printer and has beautiful layers. 
  • I recommend a layer of 0.2 mm, just 20% fill. For bearings use and caradans use min 75% infill. For tires 5% 
  • But if your printers combine layers, take advantage of it. Alternatively, if you want a very detailed surface, print on a 0.1 mm  layer. 

You will need:  

  • bearings 10x15x4 – 10pcs 
  • springs inside dia 3,5mm (4mm) – 15mm long or more – according to the stiffness of the spring screws M3 x 10 mm – 30 pcs 
  • screws M3 x 16 mm – 10pcs 
  • screws M3 x 18 mm – 10pcs 
  • screws M2 x 10 mm – 20pcs 
  • screws M2 x 5 mm – 20pcs 
  • nuts M3 – 10pcs 
  • set crews M3 -6mm – 20pcs 
  • threaded rod dia 4mm 18-18.5mm and 20mm 
  • Servo JX servo 6221MG – 1x (or similar, power 8kg) 
  •  Regulator -180 A max , 11,V  
  • Engine
  • Battery Lipo 3Cells 




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