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3D Printed Dragon Lamp

In this Instructable I’m going to show you how to 3D print and assemble your own Dragon Lamp (girls dig that.)

You’re going to need

  •  3D printer
  • PLA filamentor any other material you’re used to print with
  • 3D model
  • Slicing software you’re comfy with
  • Light, you can use any light source that will fit your print
  • Drop of glue
  • Banana
  • Pliers

Slicing / Preparing the dragon lamp model for 3D printing

You can scale it as you wish as it’s high resolution model. Same goes for the settings.

These are our settings that works for MK2 at 100% scale.

The bigger the better!


  • Extrusion width – 0,25 mm
  • Layer height – 0,15 mm
  • Perimeter shells – 2
  • Infill – 20%
  • Supports – YES
  • Brim – 15
  • Speed – 1600 mm/min (26 mm/s)
  • There is also a screen with angles that fits MK2


  • Extrusion Width – 0,4 mm
  • Layer height – 0,2 mm
  • Perimeter shells – 2
  • Infill – 0%
  • Supports – NO
  • Brim – 15
  • Speed – 3200 mm/min (52 mm/s)
  • Make sure you put the starting point on least visible place (above the hole).


  • Extrusion width – 0,4 mm
  • Layer height – 0,2 mm
  • Perimeter shells – 2
  • infill – 20%
  • Supports – NO
  • Brim – NO
  • Speed – 3200 mm/min (52 mm/s)

Printing the dragon lamp!

This is how dragons are born. Your process should be quite similar.

Cleaning Your Print

FLAME TOP – ready to use

FLAME BOTTOM – take off the brim – should be pretty easy

DRAGON – Eat the banana NOW! Clean your drake off supports slowly and patiently


Just put the light on the bottom platform (or glue it there), close it with your top part of the flame and feed the dragon with it.

– You can put the glue between the flame parts or in his mouth so the flame sticks better. I like to change the colors, so no glue for me and it holds just fine… without cats or kids around.


Additional tips:

  • You can print the flame from crystal clear color. Then print second TOP part of the flame at 70% scale using the vase mode in another color. Play with colors and make sure you share your results with us here! (FB group) Its also a cheap way to have multicolor lamp with simple white light as the smaller flame need just few grams of material.
  • If you happen to break the flame at the top, dont worry dragon still holds fine ( experience).
  • For the first dragon, I’ve heated the needle and just put it through the flame and then heated the other end of the needle and stick it through dragons throat to be sure he doesn’t fall. They call me dragonslayer since then. All the other dragons are just fine hanging there.

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