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Save ‘n’ Smash Piggy Bank

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  • Piggy Bank without an easy access point
  • 3D Model fully ready for Simple FDM in 3D printing in STL format
    • No supports
    • Temptation-free saving
    • Satisfying smashing


Digital 3D Printable STL Files


Tired of constantly dipping into your savings for small expenses? Do you need a bit of help overcoming the allure of impulsive spending? We have just the solution for you! A 3D printable model that will revolutionize the way you save money.

Introducing the ‘Save ‘n’ Smash Piggy Bank’ – your faithful companion in the battle against temptation!

This little piggy is more than just a traditional savings container. Unlike traditional piggy banks with convenient openings, this ingenious design features a solid structure with only a small coin and banknote slit, effectively locking away your hard-earned money until you’re ready to make that major financial leap.With the “Save ‘n’ Smash Piggy Bank,” you get the best of both worlds – the joy of saving and the thrill of smashing!

The bottom half of the piggy prints with an easily breakable 2-perimeter wall. To retrieve your savings, you have two options: a satisfying swing of a hammer or a triumphant stomp with your foot. With an intentional absence of any easy access points, our piggy bank ensures that you stay focused on your long-term goals, making it easier to resist the temptation of impulsive spending.

This 3D printable model offers two sizes to choose from – A 150 mm pig or the adorable 105 mm piggy. Both versions fit coins up to 3.8 mm thick, which should be all the coins in the world.

The design is optimized for a seamless printing experience, with supportless printing. At a 0.2mm layer height, the smaller piggy prints in approximately 7 hours.

Let the ‘Save ‘n’ Smash Piggy Bank’ become your trusty companion as you stay focused on your savings goals. Download the model now and experience the joy of watching your savings grow.

This model was brought to life by Filip from 3Demon. We are a group of modeling and 3d printing enthusiasts based in Prague, Czech Republic. We’ve been making 3D printable models for more than a decade. We make a lot of cosplay accessories but we also make all sorts of interesting 3D models. You can join our community or just look at more of our creations here

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