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Display Area Building Blocks

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  • Building blocks to create all sorts of terrains
  • Supportless
  • Unique printing technique
  • 3D Model fully ready for Simple FDM 3D printing
  • Data ready for 3D printing:
    • parts ready in STL format
    • 3MF files with printer settings for Prusa printers




These are building blocks that you or your kids can use to create all sorts of terrains. There are millions of combinations and each person can create something new.

You can create a diorama to display all sorts of figures. Kinder Surprise Figures, My Little Pony or the low poly Pokemon that we’ve made. No gluing is needed but if you are going to be placing figures on it you might want to use blue tack (adhesive putty) to hold them in place.

The texture on the surface of the terrain tiles is made by printing only the pattern in the first layer and then filling the surface in the next layer.

The grid has the shape of the terrain pieces so you know easily how to place them on it. The shape of the tiles was chosen to go well with a low poly style that blends gradually from surface to surface. The look changes when viewed from different angles.

The download contains STL files and also 3MF files for Prusa Printers that have slicer settings adjusted the way we recommend printing. All parts are placed on the print bed as we would print them to save you time.

The terrain textures are:
Desert – A and B create sand dunes together by making an ABAB pattern
Blank – can be used as still water or printed any color as a basic terrain tile without a texture that’s easier to print

Feel free to post some makes. We would love to see what you create 🙂

You can read more detailed instructions on how to work with the project here

At 100% scale the models will fit on a 165 mm printer bed.

Slicer settings are important to print the texture on the terrain tiles correctly and can save you a lot of print time.

These are the settings that we recommend for the terrain tiles:
Layer Height 0.2 mm

No Supports

Perimeters (minimum): 1

Switch to Advanced Mode

Extrusion Width Changes:
For lava and hills on some printers: First Layer: 0.5
Perimeters: 0.48 mm
External Perimeters: 0.48 mm

Bridge Flow Ration: 1

For the other parts like the tree, rocks and grass you can use what settings you like. For the grass, we recommend setting retractions on only for crossing perimeters.

Do you like the model and don’t have a 3D printer? There are lots of people who offer 3D printing services these days. Try searching for someone who offers them in your area.

You can sell 3D prints of this model if you link to us on the page where you sell them but you cannot sell the digital files.

This model was brought to life by Filip from 3Demon. We are a group of modeling and 3d printing enthusiasts based in Prague, Czech Republic. We’ve been making 3D printable models for more than a decade. We make a lot of cosplay accessories but we also make all sorts of interesting 3D models. You can join our community or just look at more of our creations here:

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