This challenge has ended now. After we announce the winners there will be a new challenge 🙂

Our newest challenge is super simple! Just print any of these Witcher amulets and take a picture of it/them. Post the picture on your favourite social media and mention 3Demon in it. Then enter the challenge by filling out the form bellow and in the message part paste the link to your post.


Everyone who enters the challenge with the link will get to download the rest of our Witcher amulets for free. The people in third and second place will get to download one model that they choose from our website for free. The absolute winner can either download a model for free or choose which model goes up for pre-order and get that one for free if the pre-order is successful.


We will be judging the quality of the print, how many people like it but mainly how nice the picture looks overall.


Choose which amulet to print here

    [honeypot website]

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