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Goblin Slayer Armor and Weapons

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  • The Goblin Slayers full armor, 7 weapons and the shield
  • All the parts:
    Armor: chest, shoulders, arms, back, belt, thigh, knee, shin
    Weapons: sword, dagger, 2x throwing knife, axe, bow, kpinga
  • Helmet not included, sold separately
  • 3D print ready STL files in one piece and (cut into smaller pieces for people with a 200 mm print bed coming soon)




Goblin Slayer Armor and Weapons

a batch update should be released next week where we will be adding the major scratches to his armor and fixing any problems that may show up while printing.



2 reviews for Goblin Slayer Armor and Weapons

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    NeoTokyo (verified owner)

    Ok First off I want to thank the 3Demon team for putting this together. There is a tonne of items included in this bundle and the weapons and some of the armour looks great. However, not all the pieces are that accurate or detailed. for example I feel as though the chest piece is far too flat and is not rounded enough. also with no battle damage detail as you might expect getting. that being said there is battle damage on the shield, the problem is that is dead centre and completely symmetrical. pretty much making the shield unusable sadly. looking at the scale it looks as though from default it would fit a 5’10 or 5’11 person fine.
    with a bit more time I think this couldve been really great. I hope to see an update to this file in the future.

    • Filip

      Thanks for the feedback. Noted. These files will definitely be getting an update in the near future. The first update batch should be ready next week.

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Joel Zymo
8 days 18 hours ago

Are there any pictures of the armor?

4 days 23 hours ago

Hi, I added the work in progress

6 hours 35 minutes ago

Any estimate on when the split parts would be ready?

1 hour 41 minutes ago

my estimate would be the 25th of January