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Harry Potter

Thestral Flying Mobile – Harry Potter

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  • A highly detailed digital model of a flying Thestral
  • Flaps wings the string is pulled
  • Prints with little supports
  • 3D model fully ready for Simple 3D printing (FDM)
  • Data ready for 3D printing:
    • STL files placed on the print bed
    • OBJ file showing parts in place


Digital 3D Printable Model


Digital 3D printable model of a Thestral inspired by the Hogwarts Legacy game. The model is a flying mobile – a toy that flaps its wings.
Thestral is a magical flying beast from the world of the Harry Potter world. The creature resembles a winged horse with a skeletal body, a face with reptilian features, and wide, leathery wings that resemble a bat’s.

To assemble the model connect the parts of the body using the pin and a little glue. Cut two pieces of fishing line of the same length. I used 2 x 90 cm. Run the fishing line through the holes in the wings from the bottom and then through the hole in the bar above. Tie a knot at the top and tuck the ends of the knot into the side slit of the bar so the string can’t move freely at the top. Repeat on the other side.

Then just tie the ring to the hole in the belly of the thestral using another piece of fishing line.

If you add some oil or some other lubricant to the hinges the wings will flap more. The movement is done by simply pulling on the bottom string.

3D printable beads are included that can be printed if you want to add more weight to the pulling string if you want to adjust the stationary position. Or you can add any other weight like washers for example.


  • Use supports on the head (horns) and on a leg if needed.
  • 0.15 mm layer height
  • 15% infill
  • 3 mm brim

All cut parts are placed on the print bed as we would print them to save you time.
At 100% scale the largest part of the body is 190 mm wide on the build plate (full wingspan is wider).

This is a digital 3D printable model. Do you like the model and don’t have a 3D printer? There are lots of people who offer 3D printing services these days. Try searching for someone who offers them in your area.

This fan-made model was brought to life by 3Demon. We are a group of modeling and 3d printing enthusiasts based in Prague, Czech Republic. We’ve been making 3D printable models for more than a decade. We make a lot of cosplay accessories but we also make all sorts of interesting 3D models. You can join our community or just look at more of our creations here

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