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Surprise Egg Miniature 3Demonsters

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  • High detail tabletop models of Nest, Egg, Basilisk hatchling, Hydra hatchling, Trumposaurus hatchling
  • 3D printing ready files – original + presupported models (STL)
  • These models are part of our Kickstarter campaign – 3Demonsters


dnd mini


These models are a part our Kickstarter campaign called 3Demonsters

Link to our Kickstarter here:

These are high detail tabletop models of a nest, egg, basilisk hatchling, hydra hatchling and trumposaurus hatchling.
Files contain pre-supported versions as well (STL)

All models are scaled to match similar monsters within the DnD manual, but you can scale all models according to your needs.

We recommend a layer height of 0.05 mm on SLA printers.

If you’d like to suggest what we should do next, check out our pre-order page and fill in your suggestion:

This model was created by someone from our 3Demon team. We are a group of modelling and 3d printing enthusiasts, who work in a 3D makerspace located in Prague, Czech Republic. We make cosplay accessories, technical gadgets and much more. Have a look at our Facebook page or visit our website to find out more about us:



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