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Ork Riders - 32mm tabletop game models

Ork Dread Riders

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  • Highly detailed digital 3D models of Ork Dread Riders
  • 3D Models fully ready for SLS and SLA printer.
  • Data ready for 3D printing:
    • this set contains only .STL files: three different vehicles, various positions, customizable riders, customizable mechasaur vehicle


3D printable model


Introducing digital 3D models of Orks Dread Riders for 3D printing. The ultimate addition to your orc army!

Designed in collaboration with Mektomsug, this set of 32mm tabletop game proxies is sure to impress.

The download contains models ready to be 3D printed on SLA printers.

  • Featuring three variations of Ork Dread Riders and vehicles, each complete with a customizable rider and matching helper, this set is perfect for adding some serious melee power to your arsenal. The orks come equipped with a rocket spear in two different arm positions.
  • In addition you’ll also receive two variations of Ork Sergeant, each with his own Machine. These sergants come equipped with a Big Axe (A) in both arms, ensuring they’re ready to take on any opponent.

But the real showstopper is the Ork Dread Boss Rider. This multiple-part vehicle boasts fully positional legs and a customizable boss rider with two variations of arms and two variations of mellee weapons (B,C) for both sides. Dread Ork Riders are the ultimate weapon for dominating the battlefield.

Join the Dread Ork Ride and crush your enemies with the power of the ultimate orc technology!

At 100% scale the sizes are comparable to 32mm tabletop proxies, ensuring they’ll fit into your existing collection.
You can scale the model before printing as you wish.

Designed for resin printing, this set is recommended for a detail level of 0.05mm or lower.

Please note that only some parts in this set come pre-supported.


We try to make the models in a way that uses as little support material as possible.
This model is meant to be post-processed after printing. This can be covering in spray filler and painting.

Printing settings will vary greatly depending on your specific printer.

Do you like the model and don’t have a 3D printer? There are lots of people who offer 3D printing services these days. Try searching for someone who offers them in your area.

This fan-made model was brought to life by 3Demon. We are a group of modeling and 3d printing enthusiasts based in Prague, Czech Republic. We’ve been making 3D printable models for more than a decade. We make a lot of cosplay accessories but we also make all sorts of interesting 3D models. You can join our community or just look at more of our creations here:

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