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Giant 3Demonster

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  • Highly detailed model of a Miniature
    3D Model fully ready for SLA and SLS 3D printing
  • Data ready for 3D printing:
    • parts without supports
    • parts pre-supported


3D printable model



This is a digital 3D printable model of a Giant miniature for tabletop games.


The mini comes in two versions. One pre-supported and one without supports. In both cases, the mini is separate from the base.

At 100% scale, the model is scaled to work with DnD 5e. The largest part’s dimensions are:
Width approx. 43 mm
Length approx. 50 mm
Height approx. 58 mm
You can scale the model as you wish.

We recommend printing these on an SLA printer. It can be printed on an FDM printer with a small nozzle at 100% but you will lose a lot of detail and the finish will not be as good by far.

Printing settings will vary greatly depending on your specific printer.

It was modelled based on the diary entries of Giles Grafton. Here is one of the entries concerning this model:

Distinctive features

I was quite sceptical when I first learned about the bog giant of the Bremendorf village from a pilgrim I met one evening in the Broken heart tavern. Bog giants are rather rare creatures and can be easily confused with much more common swamp ogres. Sure, there are some obvious differences between the two: bog giants are bigger, with long arms and long tusks, and the colour of their skin (while most of the time covered in mud) is brown with red spots and ginger hair. Swamp ogres, on the other hand, are green and generally more human-like. Yet, people usually don’t pay enough attention to these distinctive features while running away from monsters they encounter in the middle of the swamp – hence the confusions. But as I talked to the villagers, I have started to believe that it might just be a bog giant living in local marshlands after all, because while none of the villagers who allegedly met the monster could give me a proper description, they have all survived. That could hardly be the case if the monster was a much more aggressive and dangerous swamp ogre.

Of course, I had to see the creature with my own eyes. Even though the marshlands covered a rather large area, I was quite sure I could find the giant (or whatever it was) easily. I mean – how could one miss something that was (according to the stories of the villagers) bigger than a small house? After a few hours of wandering through the bog, I have realized how mistaken I was. Even though there was almost no place to hide – with the exception of an occasional tree or a bigger rock, the swamp was only covered with small bushes, plants and surprisingly big and colourful mushrooms – there were no signs of the giant anywhere. When the night began to fall, I sat on one of the bigger boulders in the middle of the swamp and tried to come up with some new way to find a creature that was, as it seemed, extraordinarily good at hiding in this environment. And then the boulder beneath me moved.

I am a bit ashamed to admit that it frightened me so much I ran screaming right back to the village – but at least I managed to look back and recognize some distinctive features of the creature that I mistook for a boulder and that scared the living daylight out of me. It had huge tusks, long arms covered with ginger hair and big red spots on its back. It was at least twelve feet tall when it fully emerged from the mud, and it was, without any doubts, a bog giant.

Do you like the model and don’t have a 3D printer? There are lots of people who offer 3D printing services these days. Try searching for someone who offers them in your area.

This fan-made model was brought to life by 3Demon. We are a group of modeling and 3D printing enthusiasts based in Prague, Czech Republic.
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