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Easter Egg Seed Bomb Maker

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  • Digital 3D printable model of an egg-shaped seed bomb maker
  • 3D Model fully ready for Simple FDM 3D printing – no supports
  • Data ready for 3D printing in STL format


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Hop into spring with our fun and festive egg-shaped seed bomb maker, perfect for Easter gardening projects!

A seed bomb is a small ball of soil that’s been mixed with seeds, clay, and other organic materials. The ball is then dried and can be tossed into a garden, empty lot, or other outdoor space. When it rains, the seed bomb breaks down and the seeds inside are given a fertile environment to grow. Seed bombs are a fun and eco-friendly way to add more greenery to any area, and they’re a great way to get kids interested in gardening and nature.

I had the best results when the soil was damp but not completely wet. Too little water and the egg breaks apart in the middle, too much and it sticks to the form too much. It was easy to find the right balance.

You can use any type of seeds you like with our egg-shaped seed bomb maker, from wildflowers to herbs and vegetables.

For the colored eggs you see in the photos, I used toilet paper pulp mixed with food coloring. Then, I added the seed mixture to the pulp.

This model prints without any supports in one piece. The bunny head shape acts as a spring that allows the seed bomb maker to open and close.

The model is 153 mm long, but you can easily scale it up or down a bit and it should still work.

We used these settings:
– Layer height 0.15 mm
– Infill 15%
– No supports

Do you like the model and don’t have a 3D printer? There are lots of people who offer 3D printing services these days. Try searching for someone who offers them in your area.

This model was brought to life by Filip from 3Demon. We are a group of modeling and 3d printing enthusiasts based in Prague, Czech Republic. We’ve been making 3D printable models for more than a decade. We make a lot of cosplay accessories but we also make all sorts of interesting 3D models. You can join our community or just look at more of our creations here.


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