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Collection of Celtic Accessories

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  • Collection of  Celtic accessories
  • Original designs of models inspired by Celtic symbols and mythology
  • Collection includes:
    2 ring design, 3 beads design, 2 arm ring design, 2 hair stick design, 4 amulet design, 3 belt buckle design and 4 earrings design.
  • 3D Models of Celtic accessories ready for Simple 3D printing FDM and SLA
  • Data ready for 3D printing: STL

Celtic Ring
Celtic Double Ring
Celtic Beads
Celtic Spiral Earrings
Celtic Tree Of Life Earrings Design A
Celtic Tree Of Life Earrings Design B
Celtic Hair Stick
Celtic Antler Hair Stick
Celtic Bracelet
Celtic Double Bracelet
Celtic Belt Buckle
Celtic Labyrinth Belt Buckle
Celtic Snake Belt Buckle
Celtic Solar Cross Amulet
Celtic Triquerta Amulet
Celtic Tree Of Life Amulet

Collection of accessories inspired by Celtic symbols and mythology

This collection of accessories is designed for women and men. You can use this collection however you like. Historical costumes, cosplay, everyday jewelry or whatever you might want it for.

Collection includes:

2 rings, 3 beads designs, 2 arm ring bands, 2 hair clip accessory designs, 4 amulets, 3 belt buckles/cloak clips and 4 types of earrings.
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About the design process and tips for post-processing

The first models of this collection were the rings and arm rings. Their shape was inspired by celtic artefacts found in Scotland. Original jewellery was simple shaped. We tried to make the model more light and fluent. Size of the ring is 54 (Ø17mm) at 100% scale but you can scale it to fit perfectly. Arm rings are 85mm wide but you can scale it as well. They are supposed to go around your bicep but you can scale them down a bit and use them as bracelets. I recommend printing it from golden or silver filament or painting it for an ancient look.

Hair sticks/clips are designed in two different styles. The first one matches the rings and consists of an emblem and a pin. The pin is easy to print and for printing the amblem you have two choices. You can print it already bent or print it flat and bend after submerging it in hot water on something with a radius of 6cm (Ikea cutlery can). The second hair stick represents the antler of a deer. You can easily paint it and it will look natural.  Tines on the side help better fix your hair.

There are 4 designs of amulets. Here is a short definition of the symbols on them. The world’s oldest symbol, the solar cross or Odin’s cross named by the chief god of Viking. Equilateral cross (Earth) inside a circle (Sun) means protection of the supreme ruler of the heavens. 

Hammered version of this cross was made for warriors. With this amulet you won’t lose your faith even in the hardest battle! I recommend painting it with hammered or rusty effect sprays to look more battered. To wear it, you can easily tie a knot around one of the arms of the cross. 

Amulet with a symbol of triquetra is inserted in a circle of an infinite knot. This knot raises the meaning of the triquetra symbol which is the perpetual connection between land, sea and sky. You can print this model with or without a hole. 

Tree of life symbol on the last design has many meanings like the tree of knowledge, connecting to heaven and the underworld, power of nature and more. You can choose what you like the most and wear it proudly.

Earrings also with the tree of life symbol, actually with two designs of it. One is more angular and another more like a realistic tree. Both are in a circle. The Spiral earrings have a simple version and divided version. The divided version is a kind of alternative to the triskelion which means moving forward. In combination with spiral it accentuated leaving marks on our way of life. 

Labyrinth belt buckle was inspired by Rocky Valley Maze in Tintagel. Lots of people believed that it was a sacred place. Another labyrinth design is much more simple and also has a hammered and rusty feel. The last buckle has two matted snakes on the surface. Each of them is trying to eat its own tail. It means an infinite circle of life and a difficult way to survive. The size of models fits to a belt buckle but you can scale it whatever you like and use it like a brooch or badge or cloak clip.  

The beads were created based on artefacts found in Scotland or a combination of used symbols like triskele spiral or Celtic knot. It will show up perfectly in an ancient color style or a rusty look.  You can string many of them together and make a bracelet or necklace or braid them into your hair. 


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This fan-made model was brought to life by 3Demon. We are a group of modeling and 3D printing enthusiasts based in Prague, Czech Republic.
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