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Zam Wesell Bundle

In stock
  • Set includes Helmet, Armor, Blaster and Carabine
  • The more parts you get the bigger the discount is
  • These are digital files ready for 3D printing
  • You can buy the whole set or just some parts
  • 3D print ready STL files in one piece and cut into smaller pieces with pins (for people with a 200 mm print bed)

This set includes items wearing a Zam Wesell character from Star Wars movie.

The set contains:

  • Zam Wesell helmet
  • Zam Wesell carabine
  • Zam Wesell blaster gun (new version added with more details as can be seen on the screenshot)
  • Zam Wesell armor (chest armor, arm guard, leg guard…)
  • Zam Wesell jewelry