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Star Wars armor

The Bad Batch – Star Wars

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  • Pre-order – you can read more about pre-ordering in the description
  • Clone Force 99, informally known as “The Bad Batch,” was a clone commando from Star Wars during the Clone Wars.
  • Printable cosplay of the four troopers: Hunter, Tech, Crosshair and boisterous Wrecker.
  • The bundle will contain: Helmet, armor and also gun for each of the four troopers.

The Bad Batch - Hunter armor
The Bad Batch - Hunter helmet
The Bad Batch - Wrecker armor
The Bad Batch - Wrecker helmet
The Bad Batch - Tech armor
The Bad Batch - Tech helmet
The Bad Batch - Crosshair armor
The Bad Batch - Crosshair helmet
Havoc Trooper

How pre-ordering works?

Most of the models that we make are created because we like them or because someone asked for them. However usually when you want someone to create a model for you, it’s quite expensive. Usually from $100 to $400.

This is where this page and you come in. By joining forces with people who want the same thing as you, you can get the model you want for much less. When we know people like something, we can make it for a lower price now because it’s likely that more people will want it in the future and that it will eventually pay for the work that we’ve done. If you have a 3D printable model in mind that you would like us to make, use the contact form to tell us what it is, attach a picture or two and we’ll put it up on the page for pre-order. When 3 or more people pre-order it, we get notified and start making the model. That usually takes 1-2 weeks (sometimes longer if it’s the whole armor of a character) and after that you will receive the model ready to print!

In exchange for your support and trust in us, we offer it to you for half the price of what it will be when we release it after the pre-order. If the model does not get pre-ordered by 2 more people even 6 months after you have pre-ordered it, you can ask for your money back and we will return it to you. The more people pre-order the model, the higher priority it has for us and the sooner it will get done. You can help speed up the process by sharing your model of choice on social media with people who might be interested in it, like you are 🙂