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Zam Wesell Sniper Rifle Cosplay Tutorial

Zam Wesell is a shape-shifting assassin from Star Wars. She uses not only a small blaster, but also a sniper carabine rifle. This tutorial written by Silvara’s Cosplay will guide you through the process of creating Zam Wesell’s rifle using a 3D printer and a 3D model which was made by 3Demon.



  • 3D model
  • 3D printer
  • filament
  • Glue ( I recommend UHU All Plastics)
  • Smooth on XTC – 3D
  • Base paint – ( I work with pebeo and gesso but use your favourite brand)
  • Black acrylic color and silver paint color/gilding wax


Step 1: Printing

Print all necessary parts.

  • Using simple supports from printing bed should be enough (I needed them only for the scope)
  • Lots of parts can be added for single print which may speed up the print a little (e.g., Lower-Barrel-Parts)
  • If you want to add connectors later, don’t print full sights, print the halves instead. (file name: v2_Rifle-Zam-Wesell-Sight-Part_001 and 002).

Step 2: Assembly

You can have a look at the blueprint to understand better which part is which. Zam Wesell’s rifle is quite large so you could get lost in it easily.

Check first if your pins fit the holes. Sometimes the holes may print slightly smaller. If you follow my steps, you will have few pins spare don’t worry.

Start the assembling by gluing all Stock parts except the Stock-End.

Glue first three Top Barrel parts, one of them should be the one with smooth finish on one side

Do not use the one with rounded hole on one side. All should have hexagon holes.

Glue it to the top of the stock with the smooth surface.

Glue two parts of Lower Barrel again one should have smooth finish.

Do not use the one with rounded hole on one side. All should have hexagon holes.

With one Barrel Connector Joint glue it to the bottom of the stock. Again, smooth surface should be facing the stock.

Waring v2_Rifle-Zam-Wesell-Barrel-Connector-Joint_001 is connector for the scope, use v2_Rifle-Zam-Wesell-Barrel-Connector-Joint_003. (As showefd on the seventh picture) Glue the rest of the Top Barrel together and also to the main body.

At this stage try not to manipulate with the rifle too much because it will be fragile.

Prepare shorter Barrel Connector part (v2_Rifle-Zam-Wesell-Barrel-Connector_001), 2x Barrel Connector Joint and 3x Lower Barrel

Place Barrel Connector cca to the end of the 4th Top Barrel (don’t glue it yet)

Check how the Barrel Connector Joints will be placed and slide them to the Lower Barrels before gluing lower barrels together (it can be hard to fit them when glued) Glue Lower Barrels together.

Position all parts to their places and ten glue them!

Follow similarly with the larger Barrel Connector

Barrel Connector should be cca. 12cm from the Top Barrel End

Putt Barrel Connector Joint (001 and 002) To the both ends of the Sights

The pointy end should face outside the connection area and should be cca 2 cm from the start of the raise.

If you have problem to fit it smooth the surface of the scope, use sanding paper. Connect Sights using the printed cylinder.

Glue Sights to the top of the Top Barrel and the Trigger Guard, then glue the Trigger and both Metal Plates and the Stock End.

Now we’ll move to the smoothing the surface and painting.



Step 3: Smoothing and Painting

  • Prepare small amount of the XTC – 3D Smooth on
  • Using toothbrush smooth the surface of all parts. You can use also sponge if you will prefer.
  • Apply it on one side first, let dry, then turn it and do the second side.
  • work in thin,even layers. It’s better to apply several thinner layers rather than thick ones, which can drip and get to unwanted areas.
  • Each layer should be left to dry for 4 hours.
  • Use your preferred base paint, either spray paint on or use a sponge to get smooth surface with for example Gesso base paint. Let it dry. Once you have the base black color, use dry sponge and small amount of silver wax color, tap over the surface to create slightly weathered effect. You can paint the silver parts this way. Use black color on areas where the gun is black.

And you’re finished!

Thank you for reading this Zam Wesell Sniper Rifle tutorial!
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