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3D Printed Stamps for Leather

3d printed leather stamps

We created this tutorial for our new project, which was requested by one of our customers. The main use for these stamps (that you can easily make at home), is to leave your desired pattern on the raw leather. For our type of stamps, we used technology fully based on 3D printing (Prusa 3D printer). The stamps consist of two parts: The holder and the pattern

Step 1
What do We need

  • Software for creating the 3D model for the stamped. (we used Blender)
  • 3D printer and filament (PLA, ABS – which is more sturdy or PETG)
  • Tools such as hammer or wood pliers
  • Piece of wood to spread the pressure under the clamps (this is optional, depends on the size of your stamp)
  • Preferably calfskin without treatment

Step 2
Choosing the Shape

Choose the shape you want to use to create your stamp. If it’s your first time modeling it is better to start with a simple shape.
Of course, this depends on your 3D modeling skills.
Download a picture in JPEG or PNG from the internet(once again, this depends on the software you are using) and use it as a base.
Don’t forget to create the holder for the stamp.

Step 3

If you finished your model, export your file into slicing software (we used Simplify3D). Try to turn your model to have a nice raster and better strength and stability.

Step 4
Printing the stamp

Export your data as an STL file and send it to your 3D printer. Don’t forget to print the holder, it is an important part

Step 5
Leather preparation

Meanwhile, you are printing the stamp, you can take this time to prepare your leather. Submerge it in warm water for at least 5 minutes. The longer, the better. The leather will stay soft, making it easier to push the stamp in and leaving the desired shape on it.

Step 6

When everything is printed, we can put our stamp into the holder. Make sure it is securely in so nothing falls off.

Step 7

Now it finally time to use your stamp. You can use a hammer (but be very careful) or try with wood pliers

Enjoy your new stamping tool!


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