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Harry Potter Wands MEGAMULTI

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High detailed 3D models of 16 different wands
(Bellatrix Lestrange, Cedric Diggory, Draco Malfoy, Fleur Delacour, Filius Flitwick, Horace Slughorn, James Potter, Viktor Krum, Lucius Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, Remus Lupin, Narcissa Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, Nymphadora Tonk, Peter Pettigrew, Ron Weasley)
3D Model of wands ready for Simple 3D printing – FDM ,SLS and SLA printer.

ZIP contains: 

  • whole wands
  • wands cut into smaller pieces for easy 3D printing


3D printable cosplay




Bundle of 52 different 3D models of wands

These models are fan-made replica of the wands from the Harry Potter movies.

Files contains complete wands in one piece and also wands cut into smaller pieces for easy 3D printing


Sirius Black 15 inches / 381 mm
Ron Weasley 2nd 14 inches / 335 mm
Ron Weasley 1st 12 inches / 305 mm
Albus Dumbledore (Elder Wand) 15 inches / 381 mm
Hermione Granger 10¾ inches / 273 mm
Harry Potter 11 inches (both versions) / 279 mm
Severus Snape 13 inches / 330 mm
Voldemort 13½ inches / 343 mm




Harry Potter Wands Bundle 2

These models are wand replicas from the Harry Potter films.

Wands Included:
Minerva McGonagall
Dolores Umbridge
Ginny Weasley
Cho Chang
Fred & George
Dean Thomas
Alastor Moody


Wands Included:

Newt Scamander

Percival Graves

Porpentina Goldstein

Queenie Goldstein

Seraphina Picquery

Young Albus Dumbledore’s wand from the final movie

Young Albus Dumbledore’s wand from the trailer



Files contain the complete wands in one piece and also the wands split in half with a pin to join them together for people with a smaller printer.


At 100% scale the wands are usually 300 mm long (approx. 12 inches), some of them should be longer (Dumbledore 370, Newt 355)




At 100% scale the wands are:

Bellatrix Lestrange Wand Length approx. 324 mm

Cedric Diggory Wand Length approx. 311 mm

Draco Malfoy Wand Length approx. 254 mm

Fleur Delacour wand Length approx. 241 mm

Filius Flitwick Wand Length approx. 299 mm

Horace Slughorn Wand Length approx. 260 mm

James Potter Wand Length approx. 284 mm

Viktor Krum Wand Length approx. 260 mm

Lucius Malfoy Wand Length approx. 457 mm

Luna Lovegood Wand Length approx. 339 mm

Remus Lupin Wand Length approx. 260 mm

Narcissa Malfoy Wand Length approx. 260 mm

Neville Longbottom Wand Length approx. 330 mm

Nymphadora Tonks Wand Length approx. 260 mm

Peter Pettigrew Wand Length approx. 235 mm

Ron Weasley – first Wand Length approx. 305 mm

But you can scale the model according to your needs


We recommend a layer height of 0.05 to 0.2 mm on FDM printers. All parts are aligned to the printing platform for easy manipulation. Most of the parts need minimal or no use of printing supports to save printing time and filament. Printing settings will vary greatly depending on your specific printer.

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This model was created by someone from our 3Demon team. It is fan-made. We are group of modelling and 3d printing enthusiasts, who work in a 3D makerspace located in Prague, Czech Republic. We make cosplay accessories, technical gadgets and much more. Have a look at our Facebook page or visit our website to find out more about us:

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